Booking Terms and Conditions 





We require payment in full to confirm your booking. This is payable by direct deposit.

Cancelling a booking more than 48 hours from booking time: A $20 administration fee is payable.

Cancelling a booking less than 48 hours from the booking time: 50% of your total booking fee will be deducted plus a $20 administration fee will be payable.

A Waiver of Liability and release form must be signed and helmets must be worn at all times. Long pants and covered shoes must be worn. Riders must follow instructions given by trail guide and affiliated staff at all times. If a rider is not following instructions or is endangering themselves, horses or others on the ride they will be asked to dismount immediately and no refund will be given. We endeavor to have appropriately suited horses for all riders however do not guarantee availability. If there is not a suitable horse available at the selected ride time a reschedule will be offered. Please advise in advance if there is a rider over 100kg joining us. 





Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre reserves the right to continue or cancel bookings based on an assessment of the weather on the day of your ride. If Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre assesses it is safe to ride, the rides will continue to operate and no reschedules or refunds will be given. If a ride is cancelled due to bad weather, a refund or reschedule will be provided to all customers. As some coastal weather does not affect us, it may be raining where you are but this does not mean it is raining where we are. Rides will continue as planned unless it is deemed unsafe to proceed. Pack a rain coat if it looks like showers are forecast for the local area. If we plan on cancelling or rescheduling your ride, we will contact you by phone to make arrangements. 





As lesson times are highly sought after and bookings are generally full, it is important to give as much notice of any changes or cancellations as possible.

Lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the booking time will be made payable in full. This policy will be strictly adhered to. 

Please arrive 15 mins before your start time. In the event that a client is running late, all lessons will conclude at the scheduled time and full fee will be due. 

If we are experiencing poor weather, PMHRC staff will assess if it is safe to proceed with lessons or not and contact you at least one hour before your lesson time. Please remember it may be raining where you are, but it may not be raining at the riding school as coastal weather patterns differ to ours from time to time.  We will often proceed in showers, so pack a rain coat as the arena is nice and safe even if it’s a bit wet under foot.

A waiver of liability must be completed before your first lesson.

Accepted methods of payment

Please pay in cash, or eftpos before the start of your lesson. Direct Deposits will only be accepted if you are invoiced for your regular lessons. 


Suitable clothing and footwear:

Please wear long pants and covered shoes. If you think you will be riding regularly, it is recommended that you invest in a pair of riding boots; jodhpurs and your own helmet (please make sure you check the safety standard on your new helmet, it must meet the updated standards that were introduced 1 Jan 2017 AS/NZS3838. There are many online stores selling old stock for cheap EN1384 is no longer valid.) There are a few places selling gear locally for reasonable prices, these include Super horse saddlery, SP produce Blackbutt rd Port Macquarie and Wauchope Rural supplies (near Timbertown).




Any client information collected by Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre is stored safely and is not disclosed to any third parties. Information collected including email addresses may be used to contact clients with updates in services and marketing correspondence.To opt out please contact us: Payment details including credit card numbers are not saved or stored.