Our Team at Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre

Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre is owned and operated by Angela Keating and Daniel Provost. Angela is an Equestrian Australia Accredited Level One General Coach. Our dedicated team of staff are also Accredited or working towards their accreditation.  

Horse riding in Port Macquarie

Angela Keating
Accredited Equestrian Australia Level One General Coach.

Interest: Eventing, retraining and Riding for fun. 

Angela is originally from Port Macquarie. She spent her childhood on horseback, riding on Lighthouse Beach, participating in local Pony Club and competing in local shows. In recent years, she has worked with Livestock for film’s owner/operator/horse trainer Grahame Ware Jnr where she coached Actors with their riding and trained horses for a television show. She has also established and managed a horse riding centre in Sydney's South West and has also been employed as a riding double during the filming of A Place To Call Home.

"We established the Riding School in Port Macquarie in 2013. It has been a labor of love. We opened to a warm welcome from our local community and have never looked back. We continue to improve our systems, our facilities, our staff training and our services. We are very passionate about our business and our community. 

We understand it’s not feasible for a lot of families to own a horse and know what it’s like to so desperately want one. We can now share this fulfilling, challenging, and character building experience with you all. It's not just the kids we cater for either. Whether you're seven, or seventy seven, Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre has something to offer you. We are able to start complete beginners right through to preparing riders for competition and schooling horses. 


You don't need to be an expert to enjoy a ride or a lesson here, we want everyone to feel welcome and have the opportunity to get up close, have a ride and learn a little bit about horses along the way.”


Hilary Doughty 

Currently working towards EA NCAS Intro Coaching 

Interest: Reeducating and training, competing and coaching. 

This is short bio of my past experiences and some adventures in the equine world. 

Starting as a young child I was fortunate to have a very good riding school nearby where I took weekly lessons for a period of 2 years. This was the beginnings of a life time of riding ,

learning and experiences that gave me the kick start to a life long passion . 

My teen years were spent riding a beautiful tb called Captain . We traveled ,rode , showed and explored our teen years together. Also working as a Jilleroo, riding polo ponies, reigning, mustering and working in the racing industry.


After a move to a remote farm is country NSW with my family, I took to dressage and jumping with my eye on eventing. After many years of training TB s and a move to the Hawkesbury, I started competing around the outskirts of Sydney. Every month a different comp. meanwhile my daughter was attending Kurrajong PC . Where I was instructor 2 Sunday’s a month.


My best Comp horse was called Rajupe, a Big chestnut gelding. Many years competing around the Hawkesbury in dressage, jumping and training. Another twist, I moved to Norfolk Island for a period of 10 years where I kept 2 horses a TB mare and a local chestnut gelding. Every year Norfolk has its own AG show, so we all scrubbed up our horses and competed.


Back to oz my riding career took another turn where I became a trail guide taking many families and kids out riding in the bush and on the beach. Once again reschooling TBs and other breeds to become nice quiet riding horses along with Regular Riding lessons with adults and children to arrive here in port Macquarie in 2018 where I live with my son and his 2 boys. I am continuing to compete locally, retrain off the track thoroughbreds as well as working with young warmbloods while coaching at PMHRC. Certainly a lifelong passion that I am very happy to share with as many people as possible.  


Hayley McAndrew

Currently working towards EA NCAS Intro to coaching. 

Interests: Riding for fun & showjumping.


About Hayley: 

My mum used to break and educate horses as a young teen so I was bound to have horses in my blood. I grew up on a farm in SA and got my first horse at age 11. She was a beautiful palomino welsh cross and taught me so much. My mum taught me the basics. I would ride before and after school, 3 times a day on the weekends and pretty much every chance I got. I learnt a lot by studying horse manuals and text books and practicing as much as I could. This was the beginning of my life long love of horses.


I began show jumping and hunting about 5 years ago. I attended show jumping days and local shows on my standardbred gelding that I retrained. This was something I had worked really hard for and was a huge achievement for me.   


My job at PMHRC is so fulfilling. We are supported by our fellow coaches and regularly undergo workplace training. We are a great team and help one another to ensure our riders have the best coaching possible.


Coaching and showing people the benefits of horses and riding is something words cannot explain. The nervous smiles and laughter turn in to smiles and laughter of happiness and that makes me feel good. Horse riding is great for physical and mental health and well-being and I love being a part of that.


My favorite part of my job is working with our NDIS clients. It's great to see them achieve something that they didn't know they could. Their world can be so different to ours but they are capable of riding and achieving just as much as anyone else can and its great seeing them accomplish even the smallest things. No one ever goes home without a smile on their face, including me. 


Brittany Coates 

EA NCAS Intro Coach 

Interests: Hacking, Stock horses, pleasure riding.  

Horses have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. My passion being in the presence of these beautiful animals started when I was only 4 years old. After a year of both riding and dressage lessons, and while most of my friends were learning to ride a bike, I was ready to compete in my first dressage test, aged 5. With no training wheels or fear in sight I was hooked and continued to get lessons where all disciplines were covered over the following 13 years.

A pivotal point in my riding life came when I was 8 years old. I received Flame, a timid, frightened and clearly uneducated mare who would flee from any noise or movement. She was also severely traumatized from an injury she sustained after running through a barbed wire fence after the previous owner attempted to put a rug on her. Fortunately, at the time I was under the guidance of an amazing coach and together, with a lot of hard work and patience we saw a little bit of hope and progress. After 12 months I had gained enough trust to place a rug on her and miraculously only 4 years later I would compete in my very first Hack Show on her.
I believe horses like her are once in a lifetime if you’re lucky. Although I taught her so much, the gift and lessons she taught me were immeasurable. Flame was quiet, gentle and trustworthy and she ignited my love and passion for shows. I am absolutely certain that she is responsible for my chosen vocation and my level of riding today, along with my passion for breaking, training and re-educating horses. The job satisfaction I feel when I see positive results being produced from consistent hard work and patience is unparalleled which is why I have gone on to train and re-educate numerous horses since then.
In 2018 I purchased an Australian stock horse. At the time, Dusty, a 3yr old stallion had been broken in a year earlier and had had very little work done with him until I started training him in late 2018. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and have found he has been by far the easiest to work with. Results have come quickly and together we have achieved great success competing in Hack and Stock Horse classes since 2019.
My job at PMHRC is extremely fulfilling. I consider myself fortunate to be able to do something I love in an environment where I feel supported and stimulated. Our team of coaches and volunteers support each other and regularly partake in workplace training to ensure our clients receive coaching that is second to none.
Horse riding is great for both physical and mental health and well-being. Introducing clients to the benefits of horses and riding and witnessing the transition from nervous smiles and laughter to a laughter of happiness and confidence makes my day and is an honor to be a part of.
Above all, my favourite part of the job is working with our NDIS clients. It's wonderful to see them push fear and doubt aside and achieve something they didn't believe they could. Their day to day world can be so different to ours, but they soon learn that they are capable of riding and achieving just as much as anyone else can. Any achievement is worth celebrating, no matter how big or small and one thing is for certain. No one ever goes home from PMHRC without a happy heart and smile on their face, including me. 


Emily Rourke

School based Trainee 

Assistant coach working towards EA NCAS intro to coaching 

About Emily: 

I was introduced to horses at a young age by a family friend. We were helping her to deliver newspapers to local business’. She had the great idea for me to distribute the newspapers whilst riding her pony. I was convinced to sit on this pony whilst she led me. At first I was so scared and cried, but with my mum by my side I started to calm down and realised that it was the best feeling in the world! As I finished my turn and my brother was ready to have a go the tears started again, but this time because I didn’t want to get off. Ever since that experience I kept bugging my mum daily to ride again.

Since that first time, I have had many opportunities to ride other people’s horses. This allowed me to gain experience with a wide variety of horses and learn how to work with their different personalities.

Eventually an opportunity came along with the biggest challenge of all for me. We became the owners of a 14hh Quarter Horse X pony who was abused and needed lots of love and work. This little pony ‘Monty’ stole our heart’s as soon as we met him. Everyday for the next 4 years we worked with Monty. Slowly day by day gaining his trust, learning together. He has gone from not wanting to being touched to now standing at the gate whinnying as soon as he sees us and happily being ridden in most situations. Monty has taught me many lessons about myself and has enabled me to increase my riding & horse skills.

Later came our next challenge, an ex race horse called “Zeus”. Zeus highlighted to us how far we have come with Monty. Zeus taught us about horse nutrition, separation anxiety and how to learn a whole lot of new skills.

As part of my senior schooling I am completing my Cert ll in Rural studies with an Equine focus which has allowed me to learn the theory behind what I have learnt in the saddle as well as the functions of working in a rural setting. I have become a part of the PMHRC family through a school based traineeship.

I love being able to work with horses and share with others the love and passion of these animals. Being able to encourage all the students in their riding and seeing them progress and understand horses more would have to be my favourite part of my job. The smile the children have when they learn a new skill, whether it be a little child’s first ride on a pony at a pony party or one of the older girls riding their first lap of canter around the arena always brings an even bigger smile to my face.

Working with PMHRC has enabled me to continue my passion for working with horses. It is helping me to gain more experience with these beautiful animals and share that passion with others.

Coach Emma

Emma Richardson

currently completing EA NCAS intro coach assessments

About Emma: 

For as long as I can remember, I was always horse crazy. I was that weird kid that wore jodhpurs to school mufti days, the kid that got up at 4am every morning to ride my horses before school and didn’t get in from riding until dark, the kid that used to sneak my horse into the garage when it was raining because we didn’t have stables. Horses have shaped me as a person and have been such an incredible gift to my life. I didn’t always have horses, I begged and begged to have a horse.


My parents sent me to a horse riding camp so that I could learn the responsibilities of looking after a horse - rugging, feeding, cleaning stables etc... I think they thought I would be deterred from wanting a horse after knowing all that was involved... well that back fired, it made me want one even more!! I was able to attend lessons there as we lived in suburbia at the time, but not long after we moved to a beautiful 5 acre property in Dural and when I turned 11, after free leasing the neighbours aged, cantankerous, food oriented, stubborn, as near to bombproof as they come but amazing welsh pony (I am sure some of you can relate), I received my first horse, Chantelle, a beautiful, spirited, athletic, versatile, some times hot Tb x Appaloosa. We competed successfully in all phases of pony club and inter schools and loved to hit the trails. We didn’t have a float back then so we used to ride all the way along Gaston Road to get to pony club. We made the area teams and competed in jumping, hacking, equitation and mounted games. She also loved eventing. Chantelle to this day probably made the biggest impact on me as a person and a rider, even though I was only very young and green as a rider. She taught me so much. Sadly she had to be put to sleep due to a horrific break in her leg as a result of Cushings.


I have since had many horses and improved due to the help of many, many good instructors, a lot of which we were privileged to experience down at Arcadia Pony Club. I have taken on quite a number of lovely ott thoroughbreds and young horses that I have brought on and have competed in a bit of everything. My passion would probably have to be training them, but I absolutely love jumping and hacking.


I now have my very own horse crazy 3 year old daughter who has her very own pony, Tinky, a part bred welsh pony. We purchased Tinky when Soph was only one and he was only 3 and they have been able to grow into a beautiful team together. Soph attends Pony club and loves to jump, ride with no hands and go for trail rides.


I have always wanted to work with horses, but teaching Soph to ride has inspired me to want to teach and help other kids and people to ride. I want to see their proud smiles when they reach a goal they have been working on, see the special bond they make with their horse and the progress they make each week whether it be small or large. I believe there is so much more to riding horses than just enjoyment. Horses teach us empathy, they teach us trust, they teach us dedication. They teach us that it is far better to work with someone rather than against them and that progress and achievement takes time and practice but should be recognised no matter how small it is.