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Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre is owned and operated by Angela Keating and Daniel Provost. Angela is an Equestrian Australia Accredited Coach. 


We understand it’s not feasible for a lot of families to own a horse and know what it’s like to so desperately want one. We can now share this fulfilling, challenging, and character building experience with you all. It's not just the kids we cater for either. Whether you're seven, or seventy seven, Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre has something to offer you. 


"You don't need to be an expert to enjoy a ride or a lesson here, we want everyone to feel welcome and have the opportunity to get up close, have a ride and learn a little bit about horses along the way.”

“We know what it’s like to be crazy about horses and we know how unrealistic owning your own horse or pony can be for so many people. We want to share the joy and fulfilment of riding, learning about and caring for these beautiful creatures with as many people as possible."


 “For us, the most satisfying part of this job is seeing the joy the kids get out of our Junior Riders Club Program, they build such a strong bond with their favourite horse and they build beautiful friendships with the other kids. They all support each other; even among a group of children ranging in age from 6yrs – 15yrs, it’s a really welcoming and supportive environment”. 

Angela is originally from Port Macquarie. She spent her childhood on horseback, riding on Lighthouse Beach, participating in local Pony Club and competing in local shows. In recent years, she has worked with Livestock for film’s owner/operator/horse trainer Grahame Ware Jnr where she coached Actors with their riding and trained horses for a television show. She has also established and managed a horse riding centre in Sydney's South West and has also been employed as a riding double during the filming of A Place To Call Home.




Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre

Pony Rides

Pony rides at Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre, Cassegrain Winery